About us

At Shree Ramraj Foundation, we stand resolute in our pursuit of a self-reliant world, driven by the powerful motto "स्वावलम्बन ही ध्येय" (Self-reliance is the goal)

Our unwavering dedication lies in creating awareness, delivering comprehensive training, fostering skill development, and empowering individuals, as we passionately endeavor to ignite the spark of empowerment and self-dependence in all those we touch.

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Education For All

Our aim is to provide inclusive education to children of all communities, specially minorities, nurturing their holistic development based on life-derived values,underprivileged children.

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Medical Facilities

We provide medical and health support as decided by the trust, including assistance for Para Medical Courses in both urban and rural areas.

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Agriculture training

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Through unwavering dedication to empowerment, we forge a path of inclusivity, championing gender equality and social justice, to ensure everyone has the tools to thrive and succeed.

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Social Awareness

Unleashing the power of social awareness, we illuminate the path towards positive change, igniting minds, and transforming communities to create a brighter, more enlightened world for all.

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Our vision is to empower and liberate the unskilled and unemployed,

including women and students, fostering a future where self-dependence blossoms like a beacon of hope, illuminating lives with boundless opportunities and transformative growth.

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Education to Empower Them
Creating a Greener Tomorrow: Uniting for Sustainable Living
New Agricultural Training Program Promises to Revolutionize Farming Practices
Foundation Launches Medical Facilities Program to Enhance Healthcare Access
Foundation Initiates Empowerment Program to Ignite Positive Change
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